Poor Administration

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Courier News

At a time when all levels of government should be using every legitimate existing method of maintaining services without raising taxes,North Plainfield, in my opinion, exhibits poor administration.

The lack of effective and efficient enforcement of our “Rental Certificate of Occupancy ” ordinance 11-6.22 is an example of this poor administration. (more…)

NJ town pays $17K to defend $5 fee

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010
The Record
BRIDGEWATER — A New Jersey town spent more than $17,000 defending a $5 fee it charged a resident for a compact disc of a council meeting.
Tom Coulter filed a complaint with the New Jersey Government Record Council in October 2008, saying he should pay the actual cost of the CD to get the recording.
The state council this year sided with Coulter and found he should have paid about 96 cents.
Bridgewater paid more than $14,000 in legal fees defending the case. It had to pay $3,500 to Coulter for his legal fees and give him a $4.04 refund.
Coulter says the case shows a lack of common sense.
Township Attorney Alan Grant tells The Courier News of Bridgewater the legal fees would have been substantially lower had Coulter settled, as the township had offered.

North Plainfield Republicans challenging Democratic dominance on a crowded ballot

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By MARK SPIVEY MyCentralJersey.com

NORTH PLAINFIELD — In Somerset County’s most densely populated municipality, Democrats may be feeling the squeeze.

A slate of four Democratic incumbents is facing a showdown with four Republican challengers for a quartet of four-year borough council seats, and enforcement of local codes prohibiting overcrowding in residential dwellings has emerged as a marquee issue. Current council representatives Mary Forbes, Larry La Ronde, Everett Merrill and Doug Singleterry are seeking to fend off Richard Blundin, Mike Haggerty, Oleh Kaniuka and Jim McGarry on Election Day, Nov. 2. (more…)

3 Year Anniversary

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Frank N. D’Amore Sr.

On April 7, 2010 North Plainfield will be celebrating 3 years of gross ineptness in our ability to get the, 4 million dollar plus, construction / rehabilitation project of boro hall completed. According to the contract with the Dauti Construction Co. Inc. of West Orange, Dauti agreed to have the project completed 365 consecutive calendar days from the date of the Notice to Proceed. In a document signed by our Borough Administrator, David Hollod, the date of the “Notice to Proceed” is given as March 24,2006. We are now rapidly approaching April 7, 2010 and the job is still far from being completed. (more…)

North Plainfield Municipal Cost Cutting (where’s the beef?)

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By Frank D’Amore

As the result of the Borough of North Plainfield cutting costs, some part time employees have been terminated.I am sure after much deliberation it was decided these cuts are necessary. One has to ask, are our elected officials sincere about cost cutting, or is this just window dressing?. I tend to believe the latter. (more…)

Strengthen OPRA: Battle for N.J. open public records goes on

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By Star-Ledger Editorial Board

Quietly, the Open Public Records Act is under attack.

The crucial state law that allows ordinary citizens to pierce the culture of secrecy and help root out corruption is at risk of being compromised by state legislators, mayors and council members — and possibly even the new governor. (more…)

North Plainfield Municipal Employees Salaries

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The Courier News recently ran an article on reasons the taxes in New Jersey are so high. Among other reasons government salaries were designated as a contributing factor.

Click on the link below and view the 2008 salaries of the North Plainfield Municipal employees.

NOTE: in order to get an accurate account of the salaries you must add $12,000.00 to each of the posted salaries of the full time employees. $12,.000.00 is the average cost we taxpayers contribute to pay for our employee health benefits. As of 2008 North Plainfield’s municipal employees were not required to contribute anything toward their health benefits.

The totals do not take into consideration the mandatory pension contributions our tax dollars pay for.

North Plainfield Municipal Employees Salaries

N. Plainfield officials can’t justify rise in spending

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Courier News Opinions

North Plainfield taxpayers have known intuitively that the taxes they pay at the local level have spiraled out of control over the last decade. Now, the multi-part report in the Courier News (www.MyCentralJersey.com) has confirmed their worst fears.The meltdown of the global economy has hit residents of North Plainfield hard — very hard — and many individuals and families have watched their incomes and property values fall dramatically. For the fortunate ones, they’ve been able to tighten their belts and reduce spending on things like vacations, entertainment and other forms of so-called discretionary spending. (more…)

7.5 acre Dunellen tract, proposed for housing, now permanently open space

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DUNELLEN — A 7.5-acre property where more than a dozen homes were slated to be built will now remain a mixture of woods and farmland along the Green Brook.The parcel, owned by Edelman and Penn Realty LLC, was recently acquired by the Borough of Dunellen through the Middlesex County Open Space Trust Fund. (more…)

N.J. Senate approves senior housing bill

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by Lisa Fleisher/The Star-Ledger

The state Senate today passed a bill that allows developers to challenge age restrictions on pending developments.

The bill (S-2577), which passed 21-13, allows developers to ask municipalities to reconsider projects that had been approved as senior housing. If the towns don’t open up the buyer pool, developers can take their case to court. (more…)